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Beard Balm

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Our handmade Beard Balm conditions your beard with all-natural moisturizers, including Jojoba Oil and Organic Shea Butter. Our Beard Balms are also made with Beeswax to give your beard shape and help keep straggly pieces in place to create a more groomed appearance. Our Beard Balms are non-comedogenic so they will not clog your pores or cause acne.

To use: Put a dollop of our Beard Balm on your fingertips and rub your fingertips together to evenly spread the balm. Then massage your fingertips into your beard to disperse the balm in a uniform coating. Optional: Brush and/or Comb your beard for maximum fullness and styling.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, 100% Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil