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Skin & Hair Care

Hand made right here in north Texas, we use what is called ‘The Cold Process’ to make our soaps. We put all of our fats - Shea Butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil - into what is called a ‘Granny’s Kettle.’ After those are thoroughly mixed together with a device akin to a hand mixer called a ‘Pot Whipper,’ caustic soda is added and stirred in. The soap at this stage has the consistency of pancake batter and any fragrance or extra ingredients are added in. Then the soap is poured into a large mold and sits for a few days. After the soap has set, the sides of the mold can be taken off and the large block of soap is cut into logs. Ideally, the soap will dry in logs for a day and then cut into individual soap pieces to be wrapped. The entire process takes about a week.
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    Abundantly Aromatic

    Handmade Specialty Soaps

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    All of our handmade soaps are 40% Organic Shea Butter, so they leave your skin soft without a residue. Shea Butter is packed with vitamins and nutr...

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